January 2023 The Year of Change

January 2023 The Year of Change

Well here we are in another year all ready! 2022 past by so incredibly fast my daughter turned two years old the company turned seven and myself the ripe old age of thirty one.

Upon reflection a lot transpired last year it was an incredibly busy year for the company with lots and lots to juggle from completing orders, to quoting new orders, managing materials and up-keeping the paper work which is vital for a small business. Amongst the chaos though i remember feeling extremely proud and happy that i have been able to build a successful small business here in the heart of Orange County.

As i mentioned before in my last blog post I have a passion to really press into the philosophical idea around Heritage and what that means as a company and as an individual who wishes to build a life of meaning through not only the relationships i build with the people around me but also with the things which fill my home and here is where Evans Joinery comes into play and the future of the company.

There will be some massive changes happening this year more on this in another post soon. All i can say is how excited i am to begin this year and continue upon this journey.



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